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Besme & Andrei

Nuntă, Istanbul

Wedding, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Wedding Photographer for a Day

Merhaba! 🙂

Besme and Andrei are good old friends of mine. Both of them are special characters, with a lot of charisma and a joy for life that only few people possess. Besme is Turkish. Andrei is Romanian. They have met in Istanbul and fall in love at first sight. Just like in the movies…

Their wedding was the perfect opportunity to visit once again Turkey’s most famous city and to be, just for one day, a wedding photographer in Istanbul. My first wedding in Istanbul – an experience which I would love to relive if the opportunity arises.

Besme and Andrei called me to their wedding as a guest and friend, of course. They wanted to get me drunk, not to be there as an official photographer. But, obviously, there was no way to leave my photo camera at home. Especially when I knew I was going to shoot fine and beautiful people – not just the grooms, but also their friends and relatives: Giray, Husseyn, Dan, Barış, Eylem – to name just a few.

The wedding day was a memorable one, with many fun and exciting moments. It all started with some Turkish traditions (in which even the family’s dog was involved), followed by a vintage car ride through Istanbul streets, a civil wedding in which Andrei, speaking in Turkish, stunned and amused the guests and, finally, an outdoor party – where I saw many happy and relaxed people.

One of the great moments of the evening was when Besme, who is not only a tattoo artist, but also a cellist, played a song dedicated to the groom, which impressed the whole audience. The cake and champagne were followed by a big drinking session – unfolded in a separeum where the whiskey shots delivered priceless moments 🙂

Being a wedding photographer in Istanbul was an unforgettable experience. The city is a special one, with a unique atmosphere, which gives any photographer an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Thank you Besme and Andrei! I’m honored to have you as friends!

Chambalaza! :))

“You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear” 

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